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Produs virtual Activare Micro-Box pentru Magma Box Extinde

Activare Micro-Box pentru Magma Box


Activare Micro-Box pentru Magma Box


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Acceptăm plata online cu cardul

Micro-Box Activation for Magma Box

From now on, it is possible to activate Micro-Box on MAGMA-HXC Box / Dongle.
This means, that you can add Micro-Box software onto your box / dongle and save a lot of money and time on a new dongle delivery.

Activation of Micro-Box includes all modules:

  • Main software
  • Samsung activation
  • Huawei activation
  • Alcatel activation
  • BlackBerry activation
  • BlackBerry MEP0 activation
  • HTC activation
  • LG/ZTE activation
  • Sagem/SE Activation
  • and all other activations

All stated above activations comes with 1 year unlimited support!

Download HXCMagma v. PRO software.
Use this software when you want to update MAGMA-BOX, after that you may run LAST A.I.O 3.x.x

Micro-Box Software will work on the dongle/box starting from:

  • A.I.O version 3.x.x
  • Single version 2.x.x

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