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Pad antistatic portabil Extinde

Pad antistatic portabil


Pad antistatic portabil, 50x70 cm

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Acceptăm plata online cu cardul

Protect components and parts from Electro Static Discharge
Used to safely ground you when you are working on very sensitive electronic equipment
Prevent the build up of static electricity on your body
Great to use in production department and advanced lab in microelectronic industry such as electronic semiconductor components, computers, electronic communication devices and integrated circuits.
Ideal for repairing and building PCs
Two layer construction
Long lasting, easy to clean, wear resistant

Surface: resistance: 107-9Ω, color: green, gloss material
Bottom: resistance: 103-5Ω, color: black
Material: natural rubber
Static dissipation time: less than 0.5s
Rate of friction loss: less than 0.02g/cm2
Size: 500 x 700mm


1 X Anti-static mat
1 X Coiled cord

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