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Cablu EDL - Deep Flash Mode

Cablu EDL - Deep Flash Mode

Cablu EDL - Deep Flash Mode

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EDL cable is for all Qualcomm phones to put into DEEP FLASH MODE or called Qualcomm 9008 Mode. this cable help you to Flash, unlock, read pattern lock for all kind of Qualcomm phones


What is deep flash ?
If a faulty handset can enter FASTBoot mode through the volume down key and the power button combinations  and  the driver can be recognized  normally. 

But for a faulty handset which has damaged deeply in the system and unable to properly identify the port, the deep flash will be needed.

1. take out the battery of the faulty equipment

2. connect computers by usb cables

3.conduct  the deep flash point by metal tools,

4.force the underlying driver of the chip to work,  so that computer can identify the USB port.


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