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Produs virtual 200 Credite NTool Extinde

200 Credite NTool

200 Credite NTool


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Acceptăm plata online cu cardul

NTool 20 Credits Pack allows you to flash / repair / unlock Nokia / HMD phones.

Supported HMD smartphones:

  • Nokia 1 (Frontier)
  • Nokia 2 (Dynamo)
  • Nokia 3 (Essential)
  • Nokia 5 (Core)
  • Nokia 6 (Plate)
  • Nokia 6 (Plate2 2018)
  • Nokia 7 (Charm)
  • Nokia 7 Plus (Onyx)
  • Nokia 8 (Avenger Sirocco)
  • Nokia 8 (Bang)
  • Nokia X6 (Dragon)


    • Flashing of original .NB0 files or original unpacked .NB0.

Note! Make sure you are using firmware suitable for your phone model.

    • Service operations (repair IMEI/MAC/BT).
    • FRP reset.
    • Generation of bootloader unlocking signature (also available remote bootloader unlock for customers via IMEI and serial number).

Note! Make sure you double check IMEI and serial number before request.

  • All operations (flash, repair IMEI/MAC/BT, FRP reset, bootloader unlock) work without TestPoint!
  • Supports all security levels as of 2018.

Instructions for using Bootloader Unlock Signature:

    • Install fastboot drivers for phone.
    • Power off phone.
    • Run fastboot -i 0x2e04 flash unlock [signature file]
    • Connect phone to cable
    • Run fastboot -i 0x2e04 oem unlock-go
    • Follow instructions on phone display if any.


  • EDL and BROM boot repair not supported yet, it is planned in next full release versions - so carefully check firmwares and not remove cable during procedure.
  • ALWAYS connect powered off phone.
  • If phone is in FASTBOOT mode - connect phone to cable, start operation, then press and hold volume up + power buttons until phone restarts.

Instructions for IMEI/MAC/BT repair:

  • Make sure you do not have any other applications, which can use ADB, like Samsung partners or other tools.
  • Install Nokia HMD drivers from Drivers folder (this should be done once, of course).
  • Press "service" button.
  • Connect powered off phone.
  • Wait until "write" button appears, correct IMEI/Mac/BT addresses and press "write" button.
  • Do not do anything on phone during the repair process.

Credits Consumption

  • 10 credits for flashing (credits only consumed once, then you can flash your phone as many times as you need).
  • 10 credits for repair IMEI/MAC/BT (credits only consumed once, then you can repair IMEI/MAC/BT as many times as you need).
  • 10 credits for bootloader unlock generation.

Please note that this product is virtual!

User account (including username and password) is created automatically after purchase.
The plastic card on the picture is only for design purposes.

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